About Us

A note from our owner:

I was born in India and migrated to the United States thirty years ago. I started selling gemstone beads from India at Gem Shows all the over the United States. It was a very humble beginning that wouldn’t have been possible without help from one of my closest friends and my trusty pickup truck.

On my first buying trip back to India, I saw the plight of the local craftsmen and decided to make it my personal mission to help them prosper. I began buying beads and gemstones at a fair market value price, regularly. During my buying trips, I was also introduced to many artisans who used the stones to handcraft beautiful sterling silver jewelry. Over the years my relationships with them grew. I met their families, visited their neighborhoods, and spent years connecting with them on a personal level. I saw their daily struggles first hand.

Recently, when the pandemic hit India, and they began to struggle even more, I decided it was time to share their designs with the world.

Here at Tabassum Designs, I have curated a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to working along side the artisans in India. They streamline all of the customer service, help keep up with the latest fashion, and keep you informed of all our newest items! All of our inventory is located and ships from our headquarters in Atlanta.

Our Mission:

It is our mission to not only give back to the community and local businesses here in Atlanta where we live, but to also provide fair wages for our artisans, as well as supporting schools and hospitals around their neighborhood in Jaipur, India.

Tabassum designs has a long-standing relationship with our own team of Designers and Silversmith Artisans in Jaipur. We assure you of good quality, the hottest trends, customized products, and quick shipping from our US headquarters in Atlanta, Ga.

As the entire team is committed to this mission, we pour our hearts into making sure we uphold the highest standards of customer service. Each and every piece is checked for quality, here in Atlanta. We do not compromise on quality of stones or metal. Your Satisfaction is our Success.